Ethiopia has held legendary status for centuries, with travellers’ tales of extraordinary imperial cities; a unique culture with its own church, language and script; exotic traditional ceremonies and a bewildering geographical and natural diversity. Exploring Ethiopia, these legends become vivid reality, providing a fascinating and rewarding insight into an isolated society where life has continued virtually unchanged for millennia.

Ethiopian Pathways bring you a collection of cultural walking itineraries in Ethiopia for individual travellers or small groups. 

Walking is the most natural way to travel, undoubtedly enhancing your understanding of the country you are visiting. The trick is to strike the right balance: sufficient exercise to feel pleasantly stretched and relaxed, while reserving the energy to explore your surroundings on reaching the day’s goal.

The activity level on these individual tours will be dictated by your own preferences.

eptemesgenEthiopian Pathways is a joint project of Temesgen Keno and Kudu Travel, a specialist tour operator based in the UK.

Temesgen was awarded an MA degree in Tourism and Development from Addis Ababa University. He has worked in tourism since 2005, organising and guiding tours throughout Ethiopia.

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Temesgen demonstrating how to plough a field during Kudu Travel tour in February 2019