When to visit Ethiopia

The best time to visit Ethiopia is from September to April.

The temperatures in your destination in Ethiopia are determined primarily by the altitude.

In areas at altitudes of 1,800 m and higher the climate is temperate, despite their proximity to the equator.

The high temperatures range between 21˚C and 28˚C throughout the year while low temperatures range between 7˚C and 11˚C.

This includes Addis Ababa (altitude 2,500 m/8,200 ft), Bahir Dar (1,800 m/5,900 ft), Gondar (2,100/6,900 ft), Axum (2,100 m/6,900 ft), Lalibela (2,600 m/8,500 ft), Harar (1,800 m/5,900 ft) and Awassa (1,700 m/5,600 ft).

The average annual rainfall in Addis Ababa is 1,100 mm or 43 in.

The Simien and Bale mountains are higher and cooler.

The climate in the southern Rift Valley – Awash (1,000 m), Arba Minch (1,300 m), Hawassa (1,700 m) – and the Omo Valley – Jinka (1,500 m) is warmer and drier, but still comfortable.